Port of Douglas

Ferries and Ferry Companies Operating
(Douglas, Isle of Man, British Isles)

There is only one company operating ferry services from Douglas, the Isle of Man.

The Isle of Man Steampacket Company runs the only five routes available from Douglas to Belfast, Dublin, Liverpool, Fleetwood and Heysham.

Isle of Man Steampacket Company

SeaCat and the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company offer sailings between the UK and Ireland as well as connections from both countries to the Isle of Man. Timetables change frequently, with the addition of SeaCat sailings in the summer and alternating vehicle ferries.

Routes include sailings from Douglas to Belfast (2 hours, 45 minutes) and Douglas to Dublin (2 hours, 45 minutes). These services operate at least three times a week each, with an increase on the number of sailings during the busy summer months.

It is possible to reach Douglas from the ports of Heysham, a 3-hour, 45 minute journey by conventional ferry, or a 2-hour journey by Fastcraft (summer service only). The Ben-my-Chree serves this route, a conventional vessel that came into service in 1998. There is also up to three daily sails to and from Liverpool to Douglas (2 hours, 30 minutes).

Other vessels operating along the route include the SeaCat Isle of Man, fitted with a wide beam, giving the craft a spacious interior and allowing plenty of space for passengers to move around onboard with ease. The SeaCat Isle of Man has a capacity for between 431 and 600 passengers as well as 80 cars.

In addition to the SeaCat Isle of Man and the Ben-my-Chree, the Rapide is another member of the fleet, with the capacity to accommodate 676 passengers as well as 140 cars. The SeaCat Scotland is a relatively new vessel. The introduction of the SeaCat set new standards of speed and service, cutting existing journey times in half and increasing demand for ferry travel. The vessel is capable of holding up to 600 passengers and 80 cars.

The Ben-My-Chree, a conventional ferry, can accommodate up to 500 passengers, while the SuperSeaCat III has a capacity for 800 passengers and 175 cars. The final member of the fleet, the Lady of Mann, has space for 135 cars and 900 passengers and is a side-loading car ferry that was built in 1976.

Onboard each of the vessels, passengers will find relaxing lounges complete with cinema-style seating and movies shown on TVs or a large screen. Each ferry also has a bar serving alcoholic beverages, snacks and food. Some of the services also sell convenience and souvenir items.

Douglas Port

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